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[ECE Colloquium] Prof. Hoon Kim (KAIST) “Photonics technologies shaping the information age”

Activities November 13, 2018

November 7, 2018 / 16:00 ~ 17:15


Speaker : Prof. Hoon Kim



Since the advent of semiconductor laser diode in 1960s and low-loss optical fiber in 1970s, they have played a pivotal role in the implementation of the information age of modern society. In this presentation, I will introduce various commercial applications of photonic technologies, including high-capacity fiber-optic transmission, free-space optic systems, fiber-optic sensors, etc.



Short Bio

2001~2002 PMTS in Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, NJ, USA

2002~2007 Senior Researcher, Samsung Electronics, Suwon

2007~2014 Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore

2014~present Associate Professor, KAIST



Venue: 104 E204