VIP Lab’s paper accepted to IEEE TMM

Activities June 14, 2017


UNIST ECE student, Se-Won Jeong and Prof. Jae-Young Sim’s paper has been accepted to IEEE TMM.


These days a huge amount of multimedia data is created everyday. It is crucial to extract visually important information selectively from massive 3D models to reduce computational resources in various 3D applications. This paper proposed a unified view-independent and view-dependent saliency detection algorithm for 3D surface geometry based on semi-regular meshes.


For more information, please refer to the publication details:

Authors: Se-Won Jeong and Jae-Young Sim (corresponding author)

Title: Saliency detection for 3D surface geometry using semi-regular meshes

Journal: IEEE Transactions on Multimedia (IF: 2.536, raking: 4/106 (3.8%))