CASL’s paper accepted to EuroSys 2019

Activities February 19, 2019

A research paper entitled “CoPart: Coordinated Partitioning of Last-Level Cache and Memory Bandwidth for Fairness-Aware Workload Consolidation on Commodity Servers” has been accepted for publication at EuroSys’19. The paper is co-authored by Jinsu Park, Seongbeom Park, and Prof. Woongki Baek at Computer Architecture and Systems Lab. (CASL), CSE, UNIST.

This work proposes CoPart, coordinated partitioning of last-level cache and memory bandwidth for fairness-aware workload consolidation on commodity servers. Through quantitative evaluation, this work demonstrates that CoPart significantly improves the fairness of the consolidated applications.

EuroSys (European Conference on Computer Systems) is one of the top-tier conferences in the field of computer systems.