The vision statement of UNIST is :

“World Leading University to advance science and technology
for the prosperity of humankind.”

But, how are we going to actually implement all the great ideas in to real tangible form? Suppose you have such a great invention that can truly benefit humankind. However, it is equally important to have a means to implement that idea in to a real form.

It is our mission at Dept. of Electrical Engineering (EE) to realize the prosperity of humankind with enabling technology. Electrical Engineering principle becomes essential across all discipline including but not limited to Energy area, Bio-medical area, Mechanical Engineering area, and Science areas such as Chemistry, Biology, and Physics.
Electrical Engineering can be a great supporting discipline, but more importantly, Electrical Engineering area has even bigger areas to grow within itself.

Smartphones is one small example where EE changed the living pattern of modern society. Smart cars represented as the “smart phone of cars” can be the next technological innovation.

Electrical Engineering at UNIST strives to provide these enabling technologies and realize the bigger vision of UNIST.