이곳은 초절전 지능형 뇌모방 시스템 공학단이 수행하는 사업비 집행에 관한 부정행위를 신고하는 곳입니다.


This is a place to report fraudulent activities involving the Ultra-Low Power Intelligent Neuromorphic System Engineering Group’s execution of business expenses.
The information you provide will be treated with respect for the privacy of the person who provided it, and we will investigate it promptly and thoroughly before informing you of the results. Furthermore, please understand that any slander, defamation, or abstract personal claims made against others without any basis will not be accepted or processed by us.

  • Subject to report

    Misconduct in the work performed by the personnel participating in the Education Research Center

  • How to report

    Report by email (kdk07@unist.ac.kr) or by mail (No. 703-1, 106, 50, Unist-gil, Eonyang-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan Metropolitan City)

  • Report content

    Research fund cheating
    Conducting research, operating corruption, etc.

  • Report handling procedure

    ① Receipt of report ② Confirmation of report details and notification of investigation status ③ Investigation ④ Notification of results and follow-up actions