Research Center & Laboratory

  • Operating2022.10 ~ Present
  • LeaderFranklin Bien
  • Business Objectives
    By developing network (IoT, 5G), data (Cloud, Big Data), artificial intelligence SW (machine learning, algorithms), computing, and cybersecurity technologies through industry-academic joint research between universities in Gyeongsangnam-do and Ulsan and small and medium-sized companies.
  • R&D Objectives
    This study aims to provide advanced customized medical services that provide real-time monitoring and non-face-to-face medical services by collecting and analyzing digital healthcare based on low-power ultra-small hardware technology and biosignal data processing technology. To this end, we intend to develop biosensors that collect human biosignals, collect and transmit biosignals, analyze and transform collected data, artificial intelligence of biosignals, establish non-face-to-face care systems, and develop cybersecurity technologies.
Center for Nano-electronic Brain System (CNeBS)
  • Operating2019.05 ~ Present
  • LeaderKyung Rok Kim
  • Objectives
    The Center for Nanoelectronic Brain-inspired System (CNeBS) aims to be a world-leading research center in HW/SW convergence technology, achieved through the vertical integration research ranging from AI semiconductor device/integration/packaging to circuit/system/software algorithms. CNeBS focuses on the development of core AI system semiconductor technologies including processing-in-memory, processing-in-sensor, and system-on-package technology for ultra-low-power AI brain-inspired systems.
Core RF/Power Component Research Center for Low-Orbit Next-Generation Satellites (LONGS)
  • Operating2022.04 ~ Present
  • LeaderGangil Byun
  • Objectives
    UNIST Radio Research Center (RRC) is currently focused on developing advanced RF/power core components for next-generation high-speed, low-earth orbit satellite communication in the W-band. We are also proposing an active phased array antenna system for ultra-low-earth orbit satellites (≤ 550 km) and an active reconfigurable reflector system suitable for low-earth orbit satellites (≥ 1,000 km). Our research is focused on the development of essential RF/power devices to effectively operate these systems.
Organic light-emiting display (OLED) Research Center
  • Operating2012.04 ~ Present
  • LeaderFranklin Bien
  • Objectives
    Organic light-emiting display (OLED) Research Center is comprised of 4 divisions; Circuit division, Material division, Device division and Human engineering and design division. Each divisions are on research into four parts; TSP Controller IC, transparent electrode material and device for flexible, stretchable TSP, and analysis of ergonomic access. Those researches are interacted with each other and progressed researching on OLED efficiently.
  • Research Project
    Development of PDN Noise Modeling and Optimization Technology for Display, A Study on MIMO Radar and RF Gesture Sensing Technology with Display, Development of multidimensional crosslinking agent to improve the process of quantum dot self-luminous diode based on inkjet printing, Development of color perception model for high color gamut and high brightness display, Development of spatio-temporary vision model for display image processing
Center for Smart Sensor Systems
  • Operating2015.10 ~ Present
  • LeaderJae Joon Kim
  • Objectives
    As sensor technologies has evolved into smart sensors by incorporating IoT, big data, and artificial intelligence, our research center is conducting integrated researches, focusing on environmental gas sensors, wearable healthcare, and medical devices. These researches encompass sensor components, signal processing chips, and service platforms.
연구실 소개 정보
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· Nano-Electronic Emerging Devices Lab. Kyung Rok Kim PDF 웹사이트
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· Integrated Circuit and Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory Jingook Kim PDF 웹사이트
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· Antenna Technology Laboratory (ATL) Gangil Byun PDF 웹사이트
· BICDL Franklin Bien PDF 웹사이트
· Signal Processing Lab. Seungjoon Yang PDF 웹사이트
· Nano Electronics and Technology Lab Myungsoo KIM PDF 웹사이트
연구실 소개 정보
· Intelligent Systems Lab. Kyuho Lee PDF 웹사이트
· Ubiquitous Network Lab Jaiyong Lee PDF
· Nanostructured Photonic Devices Laboratory Jongwon Lee PDF 웹사이트
· Intelligent Computing and Codesign Lab Jongeun Lee PDF 웹사이트
· Robotics and Mobility Lab. Jeong hwan Jeon PDF 웹사이트
· Nano-Optoelectronics Lab. Il-Sug Chung PDF 웹사이트
· Advanced Power Interface & Power Electronics Lab. (APIPEL) Jeehoon Jung PDF 웹사이트
· THz Vacuum Electronics and Applied Electromagnetics Lab (TEE Lab) EunMi Choi PDF 웹사이트
· Intelligent Wireless Communications Laboratory Jinseok Choi PDF 웹사이트
· Advanced Circuits and Electronics Lab (ACEL) Heein Yoon PDF 웹사이트
· Lab. of AI and Robotics (LAIR) Hyeonwoo Yu PDF 웹사이트