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Machine Intelligence and Information Learning (MIIL) lab’s paper titled “XtarNet: Learning to Extract Task-Adaptive Representation for Incremental Few-Shot Learning” is accepted to International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), which is one of top conferences for artificial intelligence (acceptance rate 21.8%). Learning novel concepts while preserving prior knowledge is a long-standing challenge in machine learning. The challenge gets

One BMIPL’s paper, “Multi-Temporal Recurrent Neural Networks For Progressive Non-Uniform Single Image Deblurring With Incremental Temporal Training,” by Dongwon Park, Dong Un Kang, Jisoo Kim and Se Young Chun has been accepted to European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) 2020 (acceptance rate: 27%) as a spotlight presentation (top 5% of submissions). Spotlight presentation is given

One BMIPL’s paper, “Unsupervised Training Of Deep Low-Dose CT Reconstruction Without Full-Dose CT Images,” by Kwanyoung Kim, Shakarim Soltanayev and Se Young Chun has been accepted to IEEE Journal of Selected Topics In Signal Processing (IF 6.688). Kwanyoung Kim is about to finish his MS program at BMIPL, UNIST, and Shakarim Soltanayev finished his MS

Prof. Sung Whan Yooneong hwan has joined the School of ECE (EE Track) as of Mar.01, 2020. I am truly delighted to join School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of UNIST as a faculty member. My research interests are in the area of artificial intelligence, information/communication theory and distributed systems, with emphasis on developing learning algorithms

Journal title: IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagations Condition: Accepted Article title: Geometry-Independent Excitation of Dark Modes Using Dipole Moment Transitions Authors: Thi Hai-Yen Nguyen, Hoon Yeub Jeong, Young Chul Jun, and Gangil Byun Abstract This article proposes a novel approach to adaptive transitions between different dipole moments to allow for consistent excitation of Fano

UNIST ECE student, Kyu-Yul Lee and Prof. Jae-Young Sim’s paper has been accepted to CVPR 2020.   Authors: Kyu-Yul Lee and Jae-Young Sim (corresponding author) Title: Warping Residual Based Image Stitching for Large Parallax Conference: 2020 IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)   Image stitching techniques align two images captured at different

Journal title: IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics (2-yr IF: 7.224, 5-yr IF: 8.446, 5.47%, L1) Condition: Accepted Article title: Practical Design Methodology of IH and IPT Dual-Functional Apparatus Authors: Mina Kim, Hwa-Pyeong Park, and Jee-Hoon Jung* Abstract A domestic induction heating (IH) apparatus uses series resonance to transfer the electric energy to the IH vessel. Similarly,

ECE NEEDs Lab`s paper* presented by E-San Jang (Advisor: Kyung Rok Kim) have been awarded for the excellence in academic and research work at the 27th Korean Conference on Semiconductors (KCS) for Samsung best paper Award, held on February 12~14th, 2020. From 803 papers presented at 26th KCS, only two papers were selected for the

UNIST ECE Nanostructured Photonic Devices Lab. (NPDL) researcher Daeik Kim, Hyeongju Chung, Jaeyeon Yu, Inyoung Hwang, Seongjin Park, and Prof. Jongwon Lee’s research paper entitled “Spin-controlled nonlinear harmonic generations from plasmonic metasurfaces coupled to intersubband transitions” has been published in Advanced Optical Materials. Advanced Optical Materials is one of the most prestigious journals in the

Journal title: IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (2-yr IF: 7.050, 5-yr IF: 7.623, 5.00%, L1) Condition: Accepted Article title: Effective Magnetic Component Design of Three Phase Dual Active Bridge Converter for LVDC Distribution System Authors: Hyun-Jun Choi, Bong-Gyo Seo, Myung-Hyo Ryu,  Young-Pyo Cho, and Jee-Hoon Jung* Abstract To improve the power conversion efficiency of a three-phase dual active

UNIST ECE student Ramesh Patel, research fellow Dr. Min Woo Ryu and Prof. Kyung Rok Kim (with Prof. Ki Jin Han, Dongguk Univ.)’s paper has been accepted to IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation (IF: 4.435). IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation (TAP) is the most prestigious journal on the state-of-the-art works in the field

One BMIPL’s paper, “Algorithms and Analyses for Joint Spectral Image Reconstruction in Y-90 Bremsstrahlung SPECT,” by Se Young Chun, Minh Phuong Nguyen, Thanh Quoc Phan, Hanvit Kim, Jeffrey A Fessler and Yuni K. Dewaraja, has been accepted to IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging (IF: 7.816). This is a collaboration work between UNIST and University of Michigan

UNIST ECE student Seoktae Seo, Hyunkyeong Jo and Prof. Franklin Bien’s paper has been accepted to IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics A free arrangement wireless power transfer (WPT) system with a ferrite transmission medium and geometry-based performance improvement method are introduced here. The proposed system addresses the efficiency collapse caused by misalignment or increased distance

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UNIST ECE student Jae-Seong Yun and Prof. Jae-Young Sim’s paper has been accepted to IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (IF: 17.730). Large-scale 3D point clouds (LS3DPCs) captured by terrestrial LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) scanners often include virtual points which are generated by glass reflection. The virtual points may degrade the performance

[Welcome] New faculty member

September 5, 2019

Prof.Youngbin Im has joined the School of ECE (CSEE Track) as of Sep.01, 2019. Greeting from professor I am truly happy to join UNIST as a faculty member. My research mainly focuses on the theory and algorithm based practical system implementation, and deployment. I have been actively working on a datacenter memory disaggregation system, a

One BMIPL’s paper, “Extending Stein’s unbiased risk estimator to train deep denoisers with correlated pairs of noisy images,” by Magauiya Zhussip, Shakarim Soltanayev and Se Young Chun has been accepted to NeurIPS 2019 (acceptance rate: 21.2%). Magauiya Zhussip and Shakarim Soltanayev just finished their MS program at BMIPL, UNIST. NeurIPS is one of the top machine learning conferences.

Prof.Jeong hwan Jeon has joined the School of ECE (EE Track) as of Aug.16, 2019. Greeting from professor Dr. Jeon’s areas of expertise lie in the fields of control theory, motion planning, optimization methods, robotics, autonomous systems, and future mobility including self-driving cars. His current focus of research is on the design, development, and deployment

A poster of BMIPL, UNIST and University of Michigan won the 2nd Place Poster Award on Physics, Instrumentation and Data Sciences at the 2019 annual meeting of Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. A collaboration paper titled “On Enhancing Monte‐Carlo Scatter Correction for Y90 Bremsstrahlung SPECT using Guided Filtering” by Hanvit Kim (the first author, PhD student at